Remail Service Online


Simply put, we are a service dedicated to anonymous remailing of letters, cards, and packages.

Remailing Service Online was established with the sole purposed of preserving the anonymity of  sending letters, postcards, envelopes, and packages through the US Postal Service. We take great care in maintaining a safe and anonymous method for mail delivery while protecting identity and/or location!

Use our service allows your item(s) to be mailed and officially postmarked from Seattle, WA, even if you live anywhere else on the globe.   We are here for your peace of mind.

While we professionally create a dynamic for you to utilize a safely anonymous service, the use of this service may be used for legal purposes only. 

For easy submission, you can now print and use our new Remail Form!

If you recently sent us an item to remail and included a confirmation code and fee, check out our Online Confirmation page to see if your letter was received and remailed.  Also visit us on Google+.

Who Are We?

“Nothing has stayed with me more than the anonymous love letters I received, whose sender still remains a mystery.”

             ~ Anonymous

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